Do you want to know more from the real life of wedding coordinators, who joined out the course? What about this...

Myrka’s story


If you are wondering how effective and helpful the Wedding Academy course is, what is the better way to tell you than to share an actual story about one of our students? Actions actually speak better than words. 

There are plenty of students attending our course and some of them actually do connect their lives with the wedding right after getting the certificate. Myrka, a student from the course in January 2019, is the best example of how you can develop your skills if you have the passion for what you are doing.

Later on she could help PragueWedding on site of the actual wedding. And, we should say, it was a pleasure for both parties. Yes, Wedding Academy gives to the students the opportunity to take part in the wedding preparations on the wedding day so they can see the happening and what is ahead of them if they are planning to work in the field.

Myrka took part in the Wedding Academy course last autumn, helped at the real wedding in January and fell in love with the wedding business. And this love was so strong it led her to the actual real company she established – her own wedding agency! How crazy is that? After our two-days lessons, she was so confident in herself to do it which is absolutely amazing.

Moreover, this year Myrka took part in the Wedding Expo on 1st and 2nd of February where she represented herself as a new but ambitious and talented wedding planner. So quickly with big steps from October to February, from a student to the Wedding Academy to the exhibitor at the Wedding Expo.

Want to follow Myrka’s way and be a story we will tell? Join our course!